In 2020, the five UN conferences on climate, natur, oceans, human rights and sustainability will make important decisions that will shape the scope of national governments to shape the climate crisis for decades to come.
The topic of sustainability forms the brackets: in the three dimensions of ecology, social affairs and economy, the international community has committed itself to 17 goals for a better future. The goal of Agenda 2030 is to make a decent life possible worldwide and at the same time to preserve the natural foundations of life in the long term. It emphasizes the shared responsibility of everyone from politics, business, science, civil society – and every individual human being.
The negotiations on climate, nature and oceans are concerned with the ecological dimension. The scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations, also known as the World Climate Clouncil, and the scientists of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, also known informally as the World Nature Council, urgently point out that we must now act to reduce CO2 emissions and end environmental degradation if we want to preserve the natural foundations of life.
The Human Rights Council has given the mandate to negotiate an agreement that will oblige companies to respect human rights in their operations.
The future topics will present the development and current status of the political process at UN level. The background illuminates the international and national challenges & barriers, opportunities & solutions:
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