Here is where we want those affected by the climate crisis to have their say: Young people fighting for their future, people already suffering today from the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. And we will introduce people who have developed solutions.

Join us, participate with your video message: What do you expect from the UN negotiations, from the Federal Government in the UN negotiations?

Send us your video message to info((()) or have it recorded at the next public viewing. Then it will be included in the results of “We are UNited for Future!”, which we will exchange internationally via live connection.

On 25.10.2019 the Fridays for Future Berlin welcomed a delegation of native Brazilians. The group visits 12 European countries, because they want to ask the people of Europe for support in their struggle for the preservation of their homeland.
Under the leadership of APIB, a Brazilian organisation for the “articulation of indigenous peoples”, the campaign “Indigenous Blood: Not a Single Drop More” was developed in cooperation with civil society organisations. The campaign aims to ensure that the Brazilian government and agricultural companies comply with the international conventions on climate change and human rights signed by Brazil, such as the Paris Convention, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 169, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the New York Declaration on Forests and others.

OnHour – UNited for Future! started on 18.10.2019 the format “Public Viewing” at the Brandenburg Gate on the future topic of human rights. And with good reason: as we already learned on Friday and again today, the “implementation of human rights and effective climate protection are two sides of the same coin” (Jonas Burgheim, 18.10.2019, Public Viewing human rights). You can find out how it went and how it goes on in the Human Rights section of the OnHour Blog.