OnHour – international political watchtogether: watch, analise and act!

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You no longer want to watch the political debates that are so important for all of us alone in front of the TV or on your mobile phone? You could use more background information on current parliamentary debates? A fact check, the classification of the debate would be helpful? And you can imagine becoming active on the topic as well? Then the new format OnHour is just right for you:

OnHour organizes international offline and online Watchtogether on parliamentary debates and international conferences. Offline in front of the respective parliamentary or conference building and also directly in the immediate living environment: in squares, parks, pubs, schools or other publicly accessible places. At “Watchtogether” we watch the live stream of the debates together on the OnHour YouTube channel, analyse and discuss them directly afterwards with experts, invite politicians and connect with those affected via live stream.

We are convinced that watching and analysing parliamentary debates and international conferences together strengthens and promotes our democratic awareness, social cohesion and international solidarity respectively cooperation.

Which debates should OnHour accompany?

Write to us at info ((at)) onhour.org if you would like an offline or online watchtogether of a debate.

And if you are active yourself and would like to conduct a Watchtogether with us, please also write to us at info ((at)) onhour.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!